Students can apply if they are:-

  • Resident in the UK
  • At a school in Greater London
  • Finishing Year 13/Upper 6th (or equivalent) by July 2014 or July 2015
  • Able to enter artworks that can be sold in Dec 2014
  • Age 16 - 19
Please note:

We welcome applicants studying Fine Art but this is not a pre-requisite.


By uploading your work to the UpStArt website, you agree to the terms and conditions of the competition and understand that:-

  • 3 winners will be chosen during the competition
  • The winners will be chosen by: the Judges, the Public (by 'likes') and the Auction (the artwork sold for the highest price)
  • The Judges' Winner is the main winner of the competition.
  • You can ONLY enter work that can be sold in Dec 2014
  • Up to 33 finalists’ artworks are sold in Dec 2014 - and therefore NOT returned. 
  • Profits from the auctioned artworks are split between the artists and the Anne Frank Trust.
  • All decisions regarding the winners are final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the appointed winners.
  • There are no cash alternatives to any of the prizes.
  • UpStArt has the right to reproduce all entries in any format (online or offline, such as in a book, poster, greetings card) in connection with the competition and for future promotions.
  • Entries that contain profane language, graphic nudity or violence will be automatically removed and disqualified.
For full terms & conditions, click here.



  • are solely via the UpStArt website (emailed/posted entries will not be accepted)
  • are uploaded in digital format between 1 June and 31 August 2014
  • that are late will not be accepted under any circumstances
  • that are incomplete (where required fields have not been filled out by the deadline) will be disqualified
  • are limited to a maximum of 3 entries per person
  • are your own work
  • must not contain graphic nudity or graphic violence. (Such images will be removed and the artwork disqualified.)
  • must not contain descriptions/titles with profane language. (This may result in the artwork being disqualified or removed.)
  • must not exceed the size requirements of 120cm (height) x 120cm (width) x 70cm (depth). (Artworks exceeding the size limit may be disqualified.)
  • can include AS level artworks completed in Year 12 & no longer required by the examining boards (and therefore able to be sold in Dec 2014)
  • can include artworks completed outside of the A-level (or equivalent), such as artworks undertaken during extra-curricular art clubs


  • Entries must be submitted between 1 June 2014 and 31 August 2014
  • Entries can be edited at any time during this period
  • Late entries will not be accepted, due to technical issues or otherwise


Finalists will be notified by email and via the results published on the website the week beginning 17th November 2014.

All finalists are required to attend the press night Tuesday 25th November 2014 in Central London (please note this is a change to the date first published)

It it is the finalists' responsibility to ensure their artwork arrives safely to the exhibition venue in Central London by the morning of 22 November 2014. (Full instructions will be given.)


Up to 3 winners may be chosen, with the following prizes awarded to the student:-

1. The Judges' Choice (overall winner) will be awarded £500 cash by Opera Gallery and a studio tour/work placement at UK Greetings Cards. The student's school will win a masterclass with graffiti artist Nick Walker.

2. The Auction Choice (runner up 1) will be awarded £500 cash by Landview Properties. The student's school will win a masterclass with graphic novelist Sarah Lightman.

3. The Peoples' Choice (runner up 2) will be awarded £500 Cass Art vouchers. The student's school will win a masterclass with The Beano artist Kev F.

Please note:

In the event that one artwork wins 2 or 3 categories, that student will win 2 or 3 prizes accordingly.

All finalists win cash from the sale of their artwork (the proceeds are split between the artists and the Anne Frank Trust).

What if I cannot find the answer to my question here?

You may also fill in our online form using our contact form. To allow us to better assist you, please include as much detail as possible.

The Winners and the Finalists can be viewed at the Strand Gallery, 32 John Adam St, WC2N 6BP, open 11am – 6pm, until 6 December.

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