2014 Winners

  • The Judge's Favourite & Overall Winner "Mournful Man"

    Raynes Park Sixth Form

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    ID: UP1453

    Category: Mixed Media

  • The Auction Star "female form"

    Haberdashers Askes School…

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    ID: UP14163

    Category: Mixed Media

  • The People's Choice "Self-portrait"

    Copthall School

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    ID: UP14116

    Category: Painting

  • Highly Commended "Branch Boy"

    Copthall School

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    ID: UP1497

    Category: Photography

  • Highly Commended "Dancing"

    Wallington High School…

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    ID: UP14190

    Category: Illustration

The Winners & their Prizes

The Judges' Favourite & Overall Winner - Charlotte Hendry's "Mournful Man".

Charlotte has won £500, thanks to the Opera Gallery, work experience and a studio tour at UK Greetings Cards, plus further work experience at leading digital marketing agency MBA and creative agency Fishfinger. Charlotte has also won a masterclass for Raynes Park High School with graffiti artist Nick Walker.

The Auction Star - Eva Eracleous's "Female Form".

Eva has won £500, thanks to Landview Properties, plus a masterclass for Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls with graphic novelist Sarah Lightman.

The People's Choice - Aleksandra Klima's "Self-Portrait".

Aleksandra has won £500 Cass Art vouchers, plus a masterclass for Copthall School with The Beano artist, Kev F.

Two artworks also worth mentioning, since they were "Highly Commended" by the Judges:-

Aanisah Chowdhury's "Dancing" (Wallington High School)

Diyane Aydemir's "Branch Boy" (Copthall School)

Aanisah and Diyane will both be offered work experience at digital marketing agency MBA and creative agency, Fishfinger.

The Winners and the Finalists can be viewed at the Strand Gallery, 32 John Adam St, WC2N 6BP, open 11am – 6pm, until 6 December.

With thanks to Natasha & Isabella Tagliaferri, Simon & Alison Ryde and…

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