Anne Frank Trust

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a jewish girl born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1929.

On her 13th birthday, she received a diary.

There she recorded her thoughts and feelings as a teenager caught up in an adults' war, before and during her time in hiding from the Nazis. 

Anne (and her sister Margot) both died in the Bergen-Belsen camp in 1945.

Their father Otto chose to publish Anne's diary, to help challenge the hatred that had killed his daughters.

Anne Frank Trust


In 1990, the Anne Frank Trust UK was set up.

It uses Anne's life and inspirational message to educate people about damage caused by all forms of prejudice and discrimination. 

The Trust goes to schools, young offenders' institutions and communities across the UK, to imbue the importance of positive attitudes, personal responsibility and respect for others.

It is a charity for all people from all backgrounds.

UpStArt is an Anne Frank Trust project.

The Winners and the Finalists can be viewed at the Strand Gallery, 32 John Adam St, WC2N 6BP, open 11am – 6pm, until 6 December.

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